The Heart of the Deal...With a Giving Soul

Over the past few months, have you heard the phrase, "Realtors are the heart of the deal"? When you hear it, what does it mean to you?

This phrase, which was first introduced by Moe Veissi when he became president of NAR, has rippled throughout the Realtors profession since then. For Moe, and for me, it communicates the very essence of what makes Realtors "tick" so to speak - understanding that buying and selling real estate isn't merely a business; Realtors are at the very center of making people's life dreams a reality.

Notice I say at the "very center." Because as Realtors, that's where we like to be most of the time, right? Not only are we central to what is likely the most important purchase a person will make in their lifetime, we're an integral part of our community as well. In addition to our professional day job as Realtors, many of us are leaders in local community organizations, business groups, and in our schools, for example. In fact, I'd say Realtors are some of the most giving members of society out there. We do this not only because we're good business people, we do it because we care deeply about our communities.

So for purposes of this blog post, I'd like to offer up a twist on the phrase, Realtors are "the heart of the deal," by adding, "with a giving soul."

Some of the most giving souls are Realtor Magazine's Good Neighbor Award winners. For over 10 years, Realtor Magazine has honored over 100 Realtors who have made outstanding volunteer contributions to a community or cause. The most recent winners are, among other things, helping war-injured veterans during their rehabilitation, cycling thousands of miles to raise money for multiple sclerosis, and providing food and medical care to the homeless.

Now, other Realtors providing exemplary volunteer service can participate in the Volunteering Works program, which provides linkages between them and past Good Neighbor winners, who serve as mentors.

The five winning Volunteering Works applicants will receive a year of mentoring from a member of the Good Neighbor Society and a $1,000 grant to help improve and grow their community program.

Are you a Realtor at the heart of the deal - and a giving soul? Apply to the Volunteering Works program. The deadline for applications is Feb. 24, and I encourage you to submit your application. Thanks for all your valuable contributions - in your work as a Realtor and in your community. Good luck!

By Scott Louser, 2012 Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs, National Association of Realtors - All Rights Reserved

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