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Wearing Many Hats

Published by:, 2/15/2012
I'm from the small town of Winnepegosis, Manitoba, and I was a wholesale sales rep for Sony mobile devices in Canada in the mid-1990s. I had to make a decision with my wife about staying in Canada or moving to Fargo, N.D., and working with my in-laws there. They owned a real estate business and homebuilding company....Read More

What makes an agent truly valuable?

Published by:, 2/13/2012
Recently, an excited first-time homebuyer spent some time telling a real estate agent what she wanted in a home. They also discussed financing. Immediately afterwards, the agent took her new client out and showed her......Read More

5 Tips For Dealing With a Seller Who is "Just Not That Into You"

Published by:, 2/10/2012
As Valentine's Day approaches, most people go shopping for flowers, chocolates, gifts, or someone new to share their life with. In the real estate world, buyers are out shopping for that perfect home to "settle down with."...Read More

4 Tips for Buying Smart With New Construction

Published by:, 2/10/2012
For buyers who want new construction, be sure to educate them about some differences in buying "old" versus "new."...Read More

Get Offers in Writing 'Whenever Possible'

Published by:, 2/8/2012
Why do some real estate practitioners and buyers insist on presenting offers verbally? Shouldn't all offers and counteroffers be in writing? Is presenting an oral offer a violation of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Code of Ethics?...Read More

Be More Persuasive on Pricing

Published by:, 2/7/2012
Too many homes are sitting on the market today for weeks and months, and while some of that is due to the unique problems associated with distressed property transactions, several of them aren't moving anywhere because of the uneven relationship between listing prices and actual market value....Read More

What to Disclose Amid Multiple Offers?

Published by:, 2/2/2012
When a listing agent has received multiple offers, what can or can't be disclosed to a buyer's agent? Does the Realtors' Code of Ethics say listing agents can't disclose the details of the other offers unless all parties involved are given the same information?...Read More

The Heart of the Deal...With a Giving Soul

Published by:, 2/1/2012
Over the past few months, have you heard the phrase, "Realtors are the heart of the deal?" When you hear it what does it mean to you? This phrase that was first introduced by Moe Veissi when he became president of NAR, has rippled throughout the Realtors profession since then....Read More

When Making Offers on Real Estate, When Does 'No' Really Mean NO?

Published by:, 1/27/2012
The answer is "Not really" when they first say no. I prefer to think of it as "not right now." I never take a seller off my list just because they have said no to my offer. When someone asks me when I take a seller off my list, I always tell them there are three occasions:......Read More

The Key to Buyers? Engagement!

Published by:, 1/25/2012
Are you finding the success you want when it comes to working with buyers? Or are you so frustrated with buyers that you're seriously considering working exclusively with sellers? If you choose not to work with buyers, you are walking away from 50% of the opportunities that exist in the market! If you love the business you have and don't need one more penny of income, then by all means focus on sellers and forget about buyers....Read More

Three Things Self-Made Billionaires Can Teach Us

Published by:, 1/20/2012 9:45:00 AM
Did you see the Barbara Walters special recently - the one where she interviewed self-made billionaires? It was a fascinating episode! Ms. Walters spoke with four individuals, asking them what experiences and lessons they had learned in their lives that had led to financial riches. All four truly had created their own wealth - none had received money through an inheritance, or through some lucky circumstance such as a lottery. They were truly "self-made" people....Read More

8% Commissions - Impossible?

Published by:, 1/17/2012
There's no such thing as a commodity. Only commoditized thinking done by commoditized thinkers. While reading Gene Simmons' latest book: ***, MONEY, KISS this past week, I was reminded of this....Read More


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