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How to Make REOs Work for You

Published by:, 2/7/2012
When one of the lenders Leo Pareja worked with in 2007 asked him to conduct a broker price opinion for a foreclosed property he wanted to sell, the Keller Williams sales associate couldn't have realized he was being offered a career-changing opportunity. That request soon led to dozens more BPO offers as housing markets began to shift and distressed property listings became more visible parts of the landscape. Pareja's burgeoning career as an REO specialist essentially found him....Read More

Forecloures Hit 44 Month Low in July - But Why?

Published by: , 8/17/2011 11:00:00 AM
This is a very intesting report in which RealtyTrac says that the reason that their is a reduction in foreclosures is not because the economy is improving - no - it is because their are "Foreclosure processing delays" due to foreclosure prevention efforts such as loan modifications, mediations, and mortgage payment assistance. They believe that eventually it will catch up to individuals and they will foreclose! What are your thoughts?...Read More

Unable to Pay your Mortgage Payment? Do not worry - Maryland May Assist You!

Published by: , 7/27/2011 9:00:00 AM
If you are a homeowner in Maryland is unable to pay their mortgage payments and running the risk of going into foreclosure then we may have a program that could help you! This is a loan given to individuals by the state of Maryland so you can make your payments! This is a great program which I highly suggest you all take...Read More


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