Letter from the President

Dear Student:

I am very excited that you have joined the REMPOWER family! We want to help you create, build and sustain your business! We have found that our clients share two common traits:

1.      A Desire to Make Life Easier!

2.      A Personal Commitment to Build a More Successful Business!

If you agree to the above, then you have found the right company for you! Business owners know that business goes to those who show up and have marketable skills. REMPOWER was created to help agents shift from being self employed to running a business. As such, we provide seminars, consulting, coaching, and financial services to fulfill this mission.

We are not only a "think-tank," content to study the issues and publish papers and reports. REMPOWERS' mission is to turn those ideas into action.

We will not only teach you what you need to learn, we promise to EMPOWER you with that same information to become more productive, make more money and increase your quality of life! We believe this is what makes us REMPOWER!

I look forward to meeting you in an upcoming seminar!


Prabhjit Singh

President and CEO